About Us

My name is Melanie Gilbert and I am the owner and primary teacher at Hands-On Art Barn. I have spent almost half of my life teaching art, first in schools, and now in my own studio. Throughout that time I have discovered that people, young and old, find great satisfaction and joy in creating art. What seemed to be lacking was not the desire to make art but the instruction, supplies, and place to make it happen. It was with this in mind that I began to conceive of a place where anyone with the desire could learn, explore, and create great art.


Open since June 2012, Hands-On Art Barn is a one-of-a-kind art studio located just North of Westerville in Galena, Ohio. Offering camps, classes, and a fully equipped pottery studio, the Art Barn offers a fun environment where anyone can tap into their inner creativity, develop skills, and make good art. I hope you will stop by and visit us soon!